Inclusive Brand Academy

In this 6-week digital course, you’ll learn how to build an inclusive brand that attracts a high-performing diverse team and consistently wins diverse and niche customers.

What you'll receive:

  • 5 Modules covering the 5 C's of building an inclusive brand: Company culture, Circle of influence, Customer intimacy, Customer journey mapping, and Customer experience delivery
  • Action plans, templates, scripts, and tons of examples to help you apply the lessons
  • Community where you can connect and learn from your peers
  • Lifetime access to the material, including all updates
  • 6 Q&A calls where you can get feedback specific to your brand


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Your Course Instructor

I’m Sonia Thompson, a customer experience strategist and consultant who helps brands win customers by making them feel like they belong. 

Before I started my own business, I spent nine years at Johnson & Johnson, helping grow various healthcare brands around the world. While there, I was a diversity and inclusion champion and employee resource group leader.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I write columns for Inc. and Forbes where I focus on how to use inclusive marketing, belonging, and remarkable customer experiences to grow. I also contribute to Entrepreneur, Success, and other publications.

I’ve keynoted conferences where I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to be more inclusive with their marketing. And I’ve worked with brands 1:1 to help them do the same.


“Thank YOU [for] being such an amazing educator and proponent for inclusive marketing. This is table stakes for brands who want to succeed in today's world.” --- Unbounce

What's Inside the Course:


Module 1

Company Culture

Building an inclusive brand first requires you to build an inclusive company culture. This module will walk you through how to build, nurture, and grow an environment where inclusivity thrives.

Module Highlights:
  • Building inclusivity into your DNA
  • Living inclusive values
  • The role of business cases
  • Making inclusion everyone's job
  • Ongoing internal training and communication


Module 2

Circle of Influence

Being inclusive becomes more of a natural part of how you operate when you have a diverse group of voices influencing the way you think, act, and view the world. This module will help you diversify the voices that impact how you show up as a brand.

Module Highlights:
  • The science behind what your network looks like
  • Building a diverse and representative network
  • Building a diverse and representative team
  • How to step beyond the comfort of your tried and true spaces
  • Authentic relationship building


Module 3

Customer Intimacy

The struggle many brands have with connecting with diverse customers stems from an intimacy issue. This module focuses on how to expand your knowledge of diverse customers beyond a superficial level so you can earn their loyalty.

Module Highlights:
  • Customer intimacy: Your unfair advantage
  • Inclusive buyer personas as a growth lever
  • Deepening your cultural intelligence
  • Ongoing relationship building
  • Participating in and shaping the culture


Module 4

Customer Journey Mapping

Before you can consistently deliver experiences that make diverse and niche customers feel like they belong, you first have to have a vision for the kinds of experiences you want to deliver along your customer journey. This module will walk you through how to map out inclusive experiences at every brand touchpoint.

Module Highlights:
  • Establishing an inclusive customer experience vision
  • Determining your place on the inclusivity spectrum
  • How to conduct a customer experience audit
  • Identifying where diverse and niche consumers drop off in their journey with you
  • The mechanics of planning and connecting your customer experience vision to your customer journey

Module 5

Customer Experience Delivery

There are a lot of moving parts within your marketing mix that contribute to the experiences you deliver on a consistent basis that make your customers feel like you belong. This module will walk you through the core components to pay attention to that will shape the connection between your brand and the diverse consumers you want to serve.

Module Highlights:
  • Creating inclusive products
  • Making your copy more inclusive
  • Inclusive visual imagery
  • Special events and celebrations (ex. Black History Month)
  • The processes, goals, and metrics you need

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