$997.00 USD

Inclusive Brand Academy 2.0 (full pay)

Inclusive Brand Academy walks you through how to attract and retain diverse customers and talent:

What you'll get for 6 months:

  • Full curriculum of 5C Framework of Building an Inclusive Brand (lifetime access) 

What People Are Saying:

“As an agency owner and B2B marketer, I knew I had a responsibility to walk a more inclusive path in my business. But before I started Belonging U, it was difficult to know exactly where to start. I spent a lot of time taking baby steps in the right direction, and even more time agonizing over every setback. With the help of Sonia and the other amazing members of [Inclusive Brand Academy], I now have relevant information, clear direction and above all, practical support in this journey. And while I know it won’t always be easy, building a genuinely inclusive brand finally feels doable.”

Brittany Ryan, Owner, Pointed Copywriting

“It’s been really helpful in being able to think through what it will take to become an inclusive brand, both as a company and employer — as an employer brand and recruiting a diverse group of talent, as well as the type of marketing services that we’re providing for our clients.”

Karen Amundsen, Founder, Apiary Digital

“I thought that the sessions by Sonia were great, so inspiring and eye opening. In addition to her thorough presentations, the discussions that happened throughout created an opportunity for colleagues to be in a safe space to have conversations that they maybe otherwise wouldn’t have had. Sooo glad we had the opportunity to learn from Sonia.”

Inclusive Marketing Workshop Series Participant at 2U