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It's time to stop fumbling over diversity, inclusion, and belonging in your business

When you do, you'll win more diverse customers who don't cleanly fit into what's considered "mainstream." You'll also attract a more diverse team.

These programs are perfect for you if:

  • You want to attract more diverse customers but you're not sure how

  • You're nervous about making mistakes when engaging with diverse communities

  • You want to know how to deliver ongoing messaging and experiences that make diverse and niche customers feel like they belong with you

  • You want to build a team that is representative of the customers you want to serve

  • You want to learn about diversity, inclusion, and belonging in a safe space that's free of judgement and where no question is a dumb question

The outcomes are especially applicable if you are:

  • An entrepreneur who wants to apply the lessons to building your own business
  • A marketer at a company or agency working to build an inclusive brand for your organization or for your clients
  • A people leader who wants to build a high-performing diverse team where everyone feels like they belong

These programs are not for you if:

  • You're looking for a plug-and-play quick fix solution (note: there isn't one)
  • You're not committed to building an inclusive brand over the long-term
  • You're not open to being empathetic to the plight of those who are different from you

Introducing Belonging University

Your digital education on how to build an inclusive brand that wins the attention, adoration, and loyalty of diverse and niche customers.

The curriculum is broken out into two programs designed to give you the skills, knowledge, resources, support, and confidence you need to authentically engage diverse and niche consumers and make them feel like they belong with your brand.

“Mic drop @soniaethompson! Absolutely brilliant talk about inclusive marketing. Thank you for educating us and not only making us better marketers, but better people.” --- Talia Wolfe, Conversion Optimization Specialist, Get Uplift

Your guide on this journey 

I’m Sonia Thompson, a customer experience strategist and consultant who helps brands win customers by delivering inclusive and remarkable experiences that make them feel like they belong. 

Before I started my own business, I spent nine years at Johnson & Johnson, helping grow various healthcare brands around the world. While there, I was a diversity and inclusion champion and employee resource group leader.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I write columns for Inc. and Forbes where I focus on how to use inclusive marketing, belonging, and remarkable customer experiences to grow. I also contribute to Entrepreneur, Success, and other publications.

I’ve keynoted conferences where I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to be more inclusive with their marketing. And I’ve worked with brands 1:1 to help them do the same.

Aside from all that on the business front, I’ve also got a number of differences on a personal level, that makes me not fit so cleanly into what is considered to be the “mainstream.” 

I’m a Black woman, I have a Spanish-speaking Argentine husband, and together we have a mixed-race daughter. We live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I follow a gluten-free diet, and I’m left-handed. These aspects of my life have impacted my experiences as a consumer.

And unfortunately, I’ve been frustrated by far too many brands who’ve ignored, or underserved me and my unique needs, and ultimately sent me the signal “you don’t belong here.”

That’s a shame because business is about belonging.

When you make your customers feel like they belong with you, they will reward you with their attention, adoration, and loyalty.

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The Belonging University Programs

Inclusive Brand Academy 

In this 6-week digital course, you’ll learn how to build an inclusive brand that attracts a high-performing diverse team and consistently wins diverse and niche customers.

What's you'll receive:

  • 5 Modules covering the 5 C's of building an inclusive brand: Company culture, Circle of influence, Customer intimacy, Customer journey mapping, and Customer experience delivery
  • Action plans, templates, scripts, and tons of examples to help you apply the lessons
  • Community where you can connect and learn from your peers
  • Lifetime access to the material, including all updates
  • 6 Q&A calls where you can get feedback specific to your brand 
Get Inclusive Brand Academy

Thank YOU [for] being such an amazing educator and proponent for inclusive marketing. This is table stakes for brands who want to succeed in today's world.” --- Unbounce

iBelong Inclusivity HUB 


This membership community builds on the framework of building an inclusive brand taught in Inclusive Brand Academy, by giving you the specifics on inclusion related topics, and action plans to help you apply the learnings.

Learn important background information and get ideas designed to increase your cultural intelligence. Apply them to your business in a way that helps you deliver more inclusive experiences. Get your questions answered from experts. All within a safe space. 

Each month you'll receive:

  • In-depth report on an inclusive marketing topic full of examples and action steps
  • News and content round-up of diversity, inclusion, and belonging happenings
  • Community to chat, listen, and learn from your peers 
  • Interview with an industry expert on relevant topics
  • Weekly Q&A Calls where you can get feedback on your campaigns
Get iBelong Inclusivity HUB

YES! YES! YESSSSSS! Thank you, Sonia for reminding the world that humanity comes in more than one shade, shape, and gender and we are ALL worth the attention and recognition of the brands who seek our business. --- Alaura Weaver, Content Marketing Strategist

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Y'all,[email protected] just gave the most amazing talk about inclusive marketing. The kind of talk that compels you to action! Just phenomenal.”

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For the iBelong membership community, if within the first 30-days of your subscription, you are not happy with the content, send a note requesting a refund, and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.

If after that initial 30-day period, you no longer wish to receive the content, simply cancel your monthly subscription and you will no longer be billed. 

If you purchase the bundle, if within 30 days you are not happy with the content, send a note requesting a refund, and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.